What is CSC? What does it offer?

CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC) is a decentralized and efficient public chain created by the CoinEx team for decentralized finance. The public chain, perfectly compatible with the Ethereum ecosystem, features high efficiency, low fees, as well as permissionless validators. All developers can easily build their own decentralized applications based on CSC or quickly deploy their EVM applications on CSC.


CSC comes with 101 validators that generate blocks in a sequence determined by the amount of CET staked by each validator, which ensures the decentralization and security of the public chain to the greatest extent possible. Meanwhile, CSC’s low fees also help it stand out from the many public chains out there. At the moment, it only takes 0.01 CET, or about $0.0005, to execute a transaction on CSC. Such features make CSC an enabling environment for developers to build high-frequency applications.


Apart from technical convenience, CSC also provides comprehensive support that meets your demands. Having been dedicated to the blockchain industry for six years, the CoinEx team has built many first-rate products, including ViaBTC Pool, CoinEx Exchange, CoinEx Smart Chain, ViaBTC Capital, ViaWallet, and OneSwap. Relying on its strong network of blockchain resources built over the years, the team offers projects strong support in terms of fundraising, token trading, media promotions, and community expansion.

Tools and Technologies

Official website:https://www.coinex.org

Mainnet Explorer:https://www.coinex.net

Developer Doc:https://docs.coinex.org/#/en-us/introduction

Testnet Faucet:Coinex Smart Chain: Authenticated Faucet

Cross-Chain bridge:CoinEx Smart Chain(CSC)Bridge


CSC whitepaper: https://www.coinex.org/CSCWhitepaper_en.pdf?t=0531 


Metamask Configure information:



rpc: https://rpc.coinex.net

chainID: 52

symbol: CET

explorer: CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC) Explorer



rpc: https://testnet-rpc.coinex.net

chainID: 53

symbol: tCET

explorer: https://testnet.coinex.net



Contact Us & Support Channels

Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/5uBGRW9qSp

Telegram group: https://t.me/CoinExChain 

Dev support telegram account: @zuoweiliu/@Jennies_true