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And the winner is...

The judges have weighed in, and we're excited to share the news! Go to the MetaFi The CoinEx Smart Chain Challenge gallery to congratulate the winners and check out all of the awesome submissions.

Even though the competition is over, you don't have to stop coding. Find your next Blockchain hackathon and update your portfolio to inform your followers about new projects and get feedback from fellow hackers.


If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.

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Final call for submissions

There are only 3 days left to complete your submission for MetaFi The CoinEx Smart Chain Challenge.

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MetaFi the CoinEx Smart Chain Challenge----Tick-tock Tick-Tock! Have You Finalized Everything For Your Build?

Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock..... The bell is about to ring!

Have you finalized everything for your build? Finished uploading your video and whitepaper?

It's very important to make sure that your Dapp or App has been deployed on CoinEx Smart Chain or at least on testnet of it. It's basic requirement for winning "MetaFi the CoinEx Smart Chain Challenge".

Also, do not forget to finish your"To-dos"!

Best luck! Builders!



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Counting Down!12 more days left to submit to "MetaFi the CoinEx Smat Chain Challenge"!

We are so excited that so many talents have joined our hackathon to countribute your power to build a better blockchain world!


To make sure your submission is eligible, please do not forget to deploy your dapp on CSC chain or at least testnet! 



For those who still haven't submitted your projects, we warmly welcome you to finalize your project conception and start submitting!


Join our dicsord channel to find support.



CoinEx Smart Chain Team


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How is your video demonstration coming along?

Video is a good way to demontrate your project idea. Start thinking about how your video will show off your game to the judges and your peers. Need an example? Check out previous winning projects on Devpost and their videos.


Here’s some general advice:

 Get organized. Write out a script of what you need to say and demonstrate in your video and rehearse it before recording. Essentially a good script should:

  • Be three to five minutes in length.
  • Include why you built your game.
  • Show a visual walkthrough of your game’s features and functionality.
  • Explain…

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How is your build going?

Less than one month before the submission ends. How is your build going? 

CoinEx Smart Chain is an EVM compatible smart chain. If you are already a project onwer, with full compatibility, you can easily integrate your dapp to CSC chain and submit your project for a chance to win the prize.

If you are new to blockchain, there are important resources you can refer to: 

Developer docs: https://docs.coinex.org/#/en-us/introduction

IDE tool: https://ide.coinex.net

Mainnet faucet: https://stakely.io/en/faucet/coinex-cet

Testnet faucet: https://testnet.coinex.net

Official bridge: https://bridge.coinex.net 


Kindly remind you that "MetaFi the CoinEx Smart Chain Challenge " welcomes all projects in the following…

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Prize, Prize! Win the MetaFi the CoinEx Smart Chain prize!

If building a game and taking your web development knowledge to the next level isn’t enough incentive for you, here’s a reminder of the prize potential for eligible participants:

$100,000 in prizes

Prizes paid in cryptocurrency

 Gold - Grand Prize

$20,000 in USDT

 Silver (2)

$15,000 in USDT

 Bronze (2)

$10,000 in USDT

 Runner Ups (6)

$5,000 in USDT


All winning projects will receive full marketing support on CSC chain.


The requirements are simple:

Build a Dapp on CoinEx Smart Chain and deploy on at least Testnet:https://testnet.coinex.net

Find important resources here:

Developer docs: https://docs.coinex.org/#/en-us/introduction

IDE tool: 

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MetaFi the CoinEx Smart Chain Challenge----Collaboration, Build together, and find your partner!

If you haven't started building your projects on MetaFi the CoinEx Smart Chain Challenge, the Devpost Discord Community is the perfect place to connect with other developers! Check in to your hackathon to get connected. 



Looking for a challenge team? Hop on the Devpost Discord Community and check in to this hackathons channel to collaborate and team up with other developers. Sometimes great ideas spark from a simple conversation. You can also use the challenge Participants Tab to search for other developers looking to team up, check out their skills and message them

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Are you ready to submit your project?

The "MetaFi the CoinEx Smart Chain Hackathon" has just started for 13 days, and we have already received some amazing submissions.

How is your developing going? Are you looking for team mate?

Join our discord here: https://discord.gg/kHNjCmhr

If you still don't know much about CoinEx Smart Chain, we strongly recommend you to check our official website and our blockchain explorer:




Do not hesitate to get mainnet token from the faucet here to deploy your project on CoinEx Smart Chain:




Also, if you need to bridge your token to CoinEx Smart Chain without the help…

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Win $100,000 in MetaFi the CoinEx Smart Chain Hackathon! | Metaverse, GameFi, SocialFi Projects

Welcome to MetaFi the CoinEx Smart Chain Hackathon! Build a fun app that features social networking and metaverse elements on CSC and win $100,000.

Win $100,000 in MetaFi the CoinEx Smart Chain Hackathon!

Have you started building?

If not, below are some reasons why you should build on CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC):

1. CSC is fully compatibal with EVM, so any EVM based projects can be deployed on CSC chain easily.

2. The transaction fee on CSC is extremely low. Currently, it only takes about 0.005USDT for one transaction.

3. CSC provides full support from promotion, marketing, token listing and

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