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about 1 year ago

Prize, Prize! Win the MetaFi the CoinEx Smart Chain prize!

If building a game and taking your web development knowledge to the next level isn’t enough incentive for you, here’s a reminder of the prize potential for eligible participants:

$100,000 in prizes

Prizes paid in cryptocurrency

 Gold - Grand Prize

$20,000 in USDT

 Silver (2)

$15,000 in USDT

 Bronze (2)

$10,000 in USDT

 Runner Ups (6)

$5,000 in USDT


All winning projects will receive full marketing support on CSC chain.


The requirements are simple:

Build a Dapp on CoinEx Smart Chain and deploy on at least Testnet:

Find important resources here:

Developer docs:

IDE tool:

Mainnet faucet:

Testnet faucet:

Official bridge: 


Good luck and happy building!