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about 1 year ago

How is your build going?

Less than one month before the submission ends. How is your build going? 

CoinEx Smart Chain is an EVM compatible smart chain. If you are already a project onwer, with full compatibility, you can easily integrate your dapp to CSC chain and submit your project for a chance to win the prize.

If you are new to blockchain, there are important resources you can refer to: 

Developer docs:

IDE tool:

Mainnet faucet:

Testnet faucet:

Official bridge: 


Kindly remind you that "MetaFi the CoinEx Smart Chain Challenge " welcomes all projects in the following aspects:

Web 3.0 Infrastructure These project shall adhere to the principles of decentralization, interoperability and composability, and presented as either a tool that users can directly utilize or a foundation on which other applications can be deployed. 

SocialFi : These projects should combine  DeFi and social networking features meawhile users won't lose their privacy or risk to lose their assets.

GameFi : These projects can be game projects with DeFi fetures embeded, meanwhile they should adhere to decentralization with no risks for users to lose their assets.

NFT : These project should stipulate how a piece of NFT is created and where its value comes from. The policy and process regarding the NFT’s transfer should also be made clear.

Do notice that defi projects are also allowed to partipate in this hackathon.

Feel free to build builders!

Good luck!